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2002 NASA/JPL Workshop for Fundamental Physics in Space title


Sunday, April 13
6:30 PM to 9:00 PM Evening Registration
Monday, April 14
7:30 AM to 10:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Oral Sessions - Details
12:30 PM to 1:30 PM Lunch - hosted by the conference
1:30 PM to 4:00 PM Oral Sessions (Con't.) - Details
4:30 PM to 6:30 PM Poster Sessions/Reception - Details
Tuesday, April 15
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM to 5:30 PM Oral Sessions - Details
7:30 PM Conference Banquet
Wednesday, April 16
7:30 AM to 9:00 AM Registration
8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Oral Sessions - Details

Monday, April 14
Time Speaker Title
8:30 Fred O'Callaghan
Manager, Astronomy & FP Program Office, JPL
8:40 Eugene Trinh
Director, Physical Sciences Research, NASA HQs
Changes in the Physical Sciences Research Program
8:50 Mark Lee
Fundamental Physics Enterprise Scientist, NASA HQs
Status of the Fundamental Physics Program
9:20 Ulf Israelsson
Discipline Scientist, Fundamental Physics, JPL
New Focus for Fundamental Physics Means New Plans
10:30 Melora Larson
Status of the Low Temperature Microgravity Physics Facility
10:50 Wolfgang Ketterle, MIT Experiments With Quantum-Degenerate Fermionic Lithium Atoms
11:20 Rob Duncan
University of New Mexico
Nonlinear Dynamics of the Superfluid Transition: What May We Learn On Orbit?
11:50 Lute Maleki
Experimental Investigations Of The Electromagnetic Vacuum: Can We Weigh The Vacuum?
1:30 Ulf Israelsson
Discipline Scientist for Fundamental Physics, JPL
Group Discussion of a New Roadmap for Fundamental Physics
3:00 Kurt Gibble
Penn State University
Progress on RACE
3:20 Horst Meyer
Duke University
Characteristic Times in the Transient to Convection in a Very Compressible Fluid
3:40 Marty Barmatz
Theoretical Analysis of Thermodynamic Measurements Near a Liquid-Gas Critical Point
4:30 - 6:30 Poster Session  
Alan Kostelecky
Indiana University
Sensitive Tests of Lorentz Invariance
Scott Diddams
Femtosecond Laser-based Optical Synthesizers
Enrico Lorenzini
Harvard-Smithsonian Observatory
Testing The Equivalence Principle in an Einstein Elevator: Detector Dynamics & Gravity Perturbations
Raymond Newell
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Evaporative Cooling in a Holographic Atom Trap
Inseob Hahn
Measurements of the Coexistence Curve Near the Liquid-Gas Critical Point of He-3
Moses H. W. Chan
Penn State University
Quartz Microbalance Study of 400 Angstrom Thick Helium Film Near the Lambda Point
Hung Quach
Metglas 2714A for Low Temperature Transformer Core and EMI Filter
Konstanin Penanen
Thermally Driven Josephson Effect
David Lee
Cornell University
Magnetic Studies of Impurity Helium Solids
Joe Rudnick
Progress in Developing a New Field-Theoretical Crossover Equation-of-State
Colin Green
Precise heater control with rf-biased Josephson junctions
Marty Barmatz
Progress in the Development of a New Field-Theoretical Crossover Equation-of-State
Fang Zhong
Measurement of Specific Heat Using a Gravity Cancellation Approach
Mark Weilert
A 2-D Piston Effect Solution for the Relaxation in the MISTE Cell

Tuesday, April 15
Time Speaker Title
8:30 Harvey Gould
Microgravity Electron Electric Dipole Moment Experiment with a Cold Atom Beam
8:50 Moses Chan
Penn State University
Measurement of critical adsorption of nitrogen near its liquid-vapor critical point
9:20 Lois Pollock
Fundamental interactions in macromolecular folding
10:30 Efstratios Manousakis
Florida State University
Numerical studies of properties of confined Helium
10:50 Neal Ashby
University of Colorado
Science Goals of the Primary Atomic Reference Clock in Space (PARCS) Experiment
11:20 Randy Hulet
Rice University
Fermion Superfluidity
11:40 Ho Jung Paik
University of Maryland
ISLES: Probing extra dimensions using a superconducting accelerometer
2:00 Ulf Israelsson
Discipline Scientist, Fundamental Physics, JPL
Group Discussion of Free-Flyer Satellites for Fundamental Physics
3:00 David Ceperley
University of Illinois
Superfluidity in a Doped Helium Droplet
3:20 John Lipa
Stanford University
Microwave Cavity Clocks On Space Station
4:00 Talso Chui
Fluctuations of the Phase Difference across an Array of Josephson Junctions in Superfluid He-4
4:20 Gary Williams
Vortex Loops at the Superfluid Lambda Transition: An Exact Theory?
4:40 Al Sanders
University of Tennessee
Prospects for Measurement of (G-dot)/G at ~10^-14/yr
5:00 Slava Turyshev
LATOR: New mission concept to enable precision tests of relativity in space
7:30Worksop BanquetBanquet Speaker: TBD

Wednesday, April 16
Time Speaker Title
8:40 Dave Brinza
Engineering Developments for the Primary Atomic Reference Clock in Space (PARCS) Experiment
9:00 Weijen Yao
Brown University
Coalescence of Liquid Drops
9:20 Slava Turyshev
Improving the Accuracy of Lunar Laser Ranging Tests of Gravitational Theory: Modeling and Future Directions
9:40 Jason Ho
Ohio State University
Fast Rotating Scalar and Multi-Component Bose Gases
10:00 Sergei Kopeiken
University of Missouri-Columbia
General Relativistic Theory of the VLBI Time Delay in the Gravitational Field of Moving Bodies
10:50 Richard Lee
Heat Capacity Measurements of the Self-Organised/Superfluid Two Phase State in liquid He-4
11:10 Mike Gehm
Duke University
Universal Dynamics of a Strongly-Interacting Fermi Gas
11:30 Jim Valles
Brown University
Probing Gravitational Sensitivity in Biological Systems Using Magnetic Body Forces
11:50 Edward Fomalont
Measurement of the Aberration of Gravity Using Jupiter's Motion
12:10 Dimitri Sergatskov
New propagating mode near the superfluid transition in He-4

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