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2002 NASA/JPL Workshop for Fundamental Physics in Space title

Conference Dates: April 20 - 22, 2004

Lunar image In the process of reformulation of NASA's mission to align with the president's recent vision statement, NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory will host a workshop to discuss how physics researchers can aid NASA in its mission to explore the planets and beyond. NASA has identified 5 research product lines for enabling human exploration of the Moon and Mars:

  • Research on the Moon and Mars - Moon precursor research, lunar lab hardware, remote research instrumentation, Mars precursor research
  • Low gravity research for exploration - Advanced spacecraft materials, gravity-dependant spacecraft technologies, in-situ resource utilization
  • Radiation - Shielding, modeling of transport, biological effects, limits, countermeasures, radiation monitoring
  • Human health - Bone and muscle, neurovestibular, cardiovascular, immunology, nutrition, medical systems, behavior
  • Human life support - Life support systems, monitoring the environment, space human factors engineering, fire research
Attend this workshop to describe your ideas to support exploration, then work with NASA to develop those ideas. For your information, we include the links (see http://criticalpath.jsc.nasa.gov and http://advtech.jsc.nasa.gov/DOWNLOADS/TM-2003-210785a.pdf) to the Critical Path Roadmap document and a NASA planning document that may allow you to consider how you might contribute to reducing the risk to the space travelers' health.

The 2004 NASA/JPL Workshop on Physics for Planetary Exploration will be held on April 20-22, 2004 at the beautiful Royal Scandinavian Inn in Solvang, CA. Please mark your calendars to reserve those days to join us. A block of rooms will be available.

Royal Scandinvian Inn Cutoff for conference room rate:
  March 30, 2004

Early Registration Deadline:
  March 30, 2004

Royal Scandinavian Inn
400 Alisal Road
Solvang CA 93464

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