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The Story of our Search
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cover time Time. It's hard enough to get a handle on that here on Earth. It escapes us, we say.

It gets even more complicated as we try to understand it in a Universal context. It may not be as linear as we think, with a strict past-present-future march forward. Its rate may vary depending on where you are in the Universe. It might stop completely at the heart of black holes, creating "mini-eternities" throughout the Universe.

Did you know that time on Earth runs slower than it does for satellites that spin hundreds of miles above us? And time is the Fourth Dimension too? What can that possibly mean?

If you've ever joked about being lost in the spacetime continuum--or even dared to use it in a sentence without really knowing what you were saying--you're in the right place. Stick with us and you'll learn about the mysteries of time. "After" you've been down this path, the idea of time will never be the same again.

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