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Gravitational Relativistic Physics (GRP)


Following are results from various experiments:

 Date  Author(s)  Title
11/13/00 S. Inouye, R. F. Löw, S. Gupta, T. Pfau, A. Gšrlitz, T. L. Gustavson, D. E. Pritchard, and W. Ketterle "Amplification of Light and Atoms in a Bose-Einstein Condensate" PRL 85, 4225.
09/11/00 R. Onofrio, C. Raman, J. M. Vogels, J. R. Abo-Shaeer, A. P. Chikkatur, and W. Ketterle "Observation of Superfluid Flow in a Bose-Einstein Condensed Gas" PRL 85, 2228.
09/2000 Erik Luijten and Horst Meyer "Crossover behavior in 3He and Xe near their liquid-vapor critical point" PRE 62, 3257.
08/21/00 Chad Fertig and Kurt Gibble "Measurement and Cancellation of the Cold Collision Frequency Shift in an 87Rb Fountain Clock" PRL 85, 1622.
07/17/00 A. P. Chikkatur, A. Gšrlitz, D. M. Stamper-Kurn, S. Inouye, S. Gupta, and W. Ketterle "Suppression and Enhancement of Impurity Scattering in a Bose-Einstein Condensate" PRL 85, 483.
06/26/00 U. E. Israelsson and M. C. Lee "Getting down to the fundamentals".
05/26/00 J. A. Lipa, D. R. Swanson, J. A. Nissen, Z. K. Geng, P. R. Williamson, D. A. Stricker, T. C. P. Chui, U. E. Israelsson, and M. Larson "Specific Heat of Helium Confined to a 57-µm Planar Geometry near the Lambda Point" PRL 84, 4894.
01/31/00 R. Onofrio, D. S. Durfee, C. Raman, M. Köhl, C. E. Kuklewicz, and W. Ketterle "Surface Excitations of a Bose-Einstein Condensate" PRL 84, 810.
01/14/00 Wolfgang Ketterle "Experimental Studies of Bose-Einstein Condensation" Physics Today on the Web, December 1999.
02/01/99 R. F. Berg, M. R. Moldover, and G. A. Zimmerli "Viscoelasticity of Xenon near the Critical Point" PRL 82, 920 (1999).
02/05/96 J. A. Lipa, D. R. Swanson, J. A. Nissen, T. C. P. Chui and U. E. Israelsson "Heat Capacity and Thermal Relaxation of Bulk Helium very near the Lambda Point" PRL 76, 944.
  "Highlights of the Zeno Results from the USMP-2 Mission".

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