Fundamental Physics Workshop Draws 85 to Solvang

Knotts Berry Farm Physics Fun Day The 2000 NASA/JPL Investigators' Workshop on Fundamental Physics took place in Solvang, Ca on June 19 to 21. The 85 attendees heard 33 oral presentations and saw 18 poster presentations describing progress on research tasks that would benefit from the microgravity environment. Dr. Mark Lee of the Microgravity Research Division of NASA Headquarters described possible plans for reorganization of the microgravity research effort at HQs, plans that bode favorable for this discipline. Ulf Israelesson described recent changes in the organization of the microgravity program at JPL. He also delineated the plans for the release of an International Announcement of Opportunity for the microgravity disciplines. A special session heard plans for development of clocks for operation in microgravity, and attendees discussed ways that groups from France and the US who are developing such clocks can cooperate to their mutual benefits. Another session was held to discuss experiments that might be flown on the Space Shuttle, especially during the period prior to the availability of the International Space Station.