Duke University PI Describes Crossover from Classical to Asymptotic Behavior near a Critical Point

Horst Meyer of Duke University reports that the paper "Crossover Behavior in 3He and Xe near their liquid-vapor critical points" by Erik Luijten and Horst Meyer, has been accepted for publication in Physical Review E and is to appear in the September issue.

In this paper the authors present a detailed discussion of the crossover from mean-field (i.e., "classical") to Ising model ( i.e., asymptotic) critical behavior upon approach of the critical point for 3He and Xe. They have made a comparison of the compressibility data above the critical point (T > Tc) and of the coexistence curve (T < Tc) with recent Monte Carlo calculations by Luijten and Binder. From this comparison they have derived the Ginzburg numbers that define the approximate temperature location where the crossover from "asymptotic" to "classical" takes place. The authors have also shown the difference between the behavior of Xe and 3He, where in the latter fluid there might be evidence of interplay between quantum and critical fluctuations.