Fundamental Physics Investigator Takes to Air Waves

Prof. Robert Duncan of the University of New Mexico and Principal Investigator on the flight experiment Critical Dynamics in Microgravity (DYNAMX) and Dr. Robin Cantor, President of Star Cryoelectronics in Los Alamos, NM, , were featured on a recent edition of "High-Tech New Mexico". This show is produced weekly by KOB 770 Talk Radio, and is aired nationally. Duncan described the DYNAMX experiment, and some of the unusual and scientifically interesting aspects of superfluid helium research in space. Cantor discussed the superconducting instruments called SQUIDs that his company develops and markets, and their applications. The SQUIDs and SQUID controllers manufactured by Star Cryoelectronics will be supplied for use on the Low Temperature Microgravity Physics Facility (LTMPF), which is scheduled for launch to the International Space Station in the year 2005. DYNAMX is scheduled to be on the first mission of the LTMPF facility.