Lt. Col. Raymond Nelson Obtains Exciting Data on DYNAMX Research in Thesis Work

Lt. Col. Raymond Nelson, a candidate for the Ph.D. degree in physics at the University of New Mexico, has recently taken excellent data on the magnetic susceptibility of PdMn films at low temperatures. These data will be a major component of. Nelson's Ph.D. dissertation and they represent a very important new development to future fundamental physics experiments such as the Critical Dynamics in Space Experiment (DYNAMX). Lt.Col. Nelson was previously an assistant professor of physics at the United States Military Academy, where he will return next year following the completion of his Ph.D. to become an associate professor of physics. The Army, unique among the services, relies almost entirely on civilian institutions to meet the higher education needs of its officer corps. West Point in particular selects 80% of its faculty from the ranks of commissioned officers and sends them to the finest graduate schools in the country. Promising faculty members are selected for second tours and permitted to pursue the Ph.D. Lt.Col. Nelson is the first such student in physics at the University of New Mexico and the first West Point physics faculty member to specialize in low temperature physics. Lt.Col. Nelson has been advised in his thesis research by Prof. Rob Duncan, Principal Investigator on DYNAMX.