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Significant Events - 2001

Significant Events are divided into 5 categories. You can scroll through the list, or select a category from the list below to go directly to it.

You can also view the Significant Events from 2004, 2003, 2002, or 2000.

General Education and Outreach
On-going Flight Program Future Flight Program
Science Events  

Top of page General
 Date  Title
10/12/01 Wolfgang Ketterle Wins 2001 Nobel Prize for Physics.
07/27/01 Children's Activities Relating to Fundamental Physics now on Web Site.
07/13/01 JPL Scientist Honored by Colleagues.
05/11/01 Fundamental Physics Investigators Prominent at Pan-Pacific Basin Meeting.
03/30/01 Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop Looms Large on Fundamental Physics Agenda.

Top of page Education and Outreach

 Date  Title
10/26/01 JPL Displays Research in Laser Cooled Atomic Physics at Optical Society Meeting.
08/17/01 JPL Summer Interns Visit Fundamental Physics Low Temperature Laboratories.
05/25/01 JPL Fundamental Physics Team Wows Visitors to Open House.
02/16/01 Project Scientist Speaks to Students and Community.
02/09/01 Physics Fun Day Draws High School Students to Knotts Berry Farm.
01/26/01 Web Site for Fundamental Physics Comes On Line.

Top of page On-going Flight Program

 Date  Title
02/16/01 STEP Team Produces Unique Aerogel Samples.

Top of page Future Flight Program

 Date  Title
12/14/01 Flight Investigator Describes Objectives at Home and Abroad.
11/23/01 New Cryogenic Probe Operates Successfully for DYNAMX Team at Albuquerque.
11/09/01 Design Net produces First Electronics Prototype for the LTMPEF Project.
11/09/01 DYNAMX Design for Flight Experimental Cell Released.
11/02/01 MISTE PI Presents a Paper at the ISS Utilization - 2001 Conference.
11/02/01 DYNAMX and CQ Teams Develop New Experiment Cell.
11/02/01 LTMPEF Project and Contractor Team Members Describe Plans for Flight Equipment.
09/24/01 Delta Preliminary Design Requirements Review (DeltaPDR) Rescheduled for LTMPEF.
08/28/01 Delta Preliminary Design Requirements Review (DeltaPDR) Scheduled for LTMPEF.
08/17/01 Space Station Will Study Attachment Mechanism for Fundamental Physics Payloads.
08/17/01 Peer Review Performed for LTMPF.
08/03/01 Equivalence Principle Symposium Proceedings Published in International Journal.
07/27/01 MISTE Team Evaluates New Flight Cryovalve.
06/22/01 Clock Project Makes the Front Page.
04/13/01 A new publication by the MISTE science team.
03/23/01 Fundamental Physics Investigator Chairs Workshop on Biological Threat Reduction.
03/23/01 MISTE Team Completes Theoretical Analysis of 3He Liquid-Gas Critical Point Measurements.
03/16/01 BEST Experiment Team Finds First Evidence of Dynamic Finite-Size Scaling.
03/09/01 STEP Team Produces Electrodes for Positioning Test Masses.
02/23/01 BEST Experiment Successfully Develops a New Confinement Material.
01/12/01 MISTE Project Scientist Develops Electronics Board for SQUID.

Top of page Science Events

 Date  Title
12/14/01 Theoretical Paper Describes a new Phase Transition in an Ultra-Cold Gas.
12/14/01 Theory Derives Parameters of Relativity Theory.
12/14/01 Atomic Clock Team at Harvard-Smithsonian Test Relativity Theory.
10/26/01 Rice Team Reports Events.
10/19/01 New Book Describes Cold Atoms.
10/19/01 Review Article Provides Details of High Resolution Thermometers.
10/19/01 Article in Nature Describes New Path to Bose-Einstein Condensates in Helium.
10/12/01 SUMO Paper Presented at Relativity Conference.
10/12/01 Rice Group Publishes Paper in Physical Review.
07/06/01 Nature Article from the Packard-Davis Group at Berkeley is the Basis for a JPL Press Release.
06/15/01 Stanford Team Cancels Gravity in Liquid Oxygen.
06/15/01 Undergraduate Students at the College of Wooster Publish Three Papers.
06/15/01 Paper Presented at the Pan-Pacific Conference Describes Mixtures of BEC.
06/01/01 Results at UC Berkeley Demonstrate Detailed Josephson Effects.
06/01/01 Research Results Reported to APS Meeting by Undergraduate Students.
05/25/01 Ketterle Group Places Three Papers on Cold Atoms.
05/25/01 Article in Nature Leads to Press Release for JPL Team of Researchers.
05/11/01 Amplification of Trap Relative Displacements for Mixtures of Bose-Einstein Condensates.
05/11/01 Research on Liquid Bridges Relates to Infant Health and Planetary Environments.
05/11/01 Review Paper Discusses Enhancement and Suppression in Bose-Einstein Condensates.
04/27/01 Amplification of trap relative displacements for mixtures of Bose-Einstein condensates.
04/27/01 Research on Liquid Bridges Relates to Infant Health and Planetary Environments.
04/27/01 Fundamental Physics Investigator Describes Phenomena near Phase Changes.
04/06/01 Article by MIT Investigator Ketterle Featured in NASA News Release.
03/09/01 Cold Atom Paper Displays Quantum Statistics.
02/16/01 Duke Paper Describes Measurements Onset of Convection near a Critical Point.
02/09/01 Fundamental Physics Investigator Describes Phenomena near Phase Changes.
01/12/01 MIT Laser Cooling Group Reports Evidence for Atomic Laser Action in BEC Cloud.
01/05/01 MIT Laser Cooling Group Reports Evidence for Superfluid Flow in BEC Cloud.
01/05/01 Fundamental Physics Investigator Organizes International Workshops.

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