Fundamental Physics Investigator Describes Phenomena near Phase Changes

An article by Alexander Patashinski titled "Nonequilibrium critical phenomena" will appear in the March 2001 issue of Physica A:Statistical Mechanics and its Applications. The paper summarizes the results of the study in a new field of nonequilibrium critical phenomena. New effects are predicted, and special recommendations given for the choice of systems and situations for future microgravity studies of these effects.

A second article of Eunji Sim, Alexander Patashinski, and Mark Ratner titled "Supercooling in 2D Lennard-Jones mixture" is accepted for publication in the Journal of Chemical Physics. This study shows links between a glass transition in the system and changes in the local and global order upon supercooling. The computer study is an application of methods for local structure recognition developed in the course of a NASA-sponsored research project (A. Patashinski PI, Case Western University).