Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop Looms Large on Fundamental Physics Agenda

The 2nd Pan-Pacific Basin Workshop on Microgravity Science will take place in Pasadena on May 1-4, 2001. This meeting will also serve as the PI workshop for the Fundamental Physics discipline. 60 abstracts were submitted to this meeting by Fundamental Physics investigators. Nobel Laureate David Lee of Cornell University, an investigator in the Fundamental Physics ground research program, will present the kick-off plenary talk of the meeting. Most of the presentations by FP investigators will be presented in the seven fundamental physics sessions and the poster session, but the versatility of this discipline is shown in the breadth of the topics covered: 7 abstracts from our program are in experimental techniques, 2 are in the new subdiscipline of biotechnology and life sciences, and 1 is in fluid transport and two-phase flow. In addition to the scientific program at the Doubletree Hotel in Pasadena, education and outreach activities will occur on May 2 at the California Science Center in Los Angeles and will be linked across the U.S. and around the Pacific Basin on live videocommunications connections.