A new publication by the MISTE science team

The Microgravity Scaling Test Experiment (MISTE) science team at JPL reports that a manuscript titled "Crossover Behavior in the Susceptibility near the 3He Critical Point" by Inseob Hahn, et al, will be published in the May 1 Issue of Physical Review E, Rapid Communications. In the paper the authors report that the isothermal electrical susceptibility in the non-asymptotic crossover region in 3He and Xe liquid-gas critical point demonstrated universal behavior. The authors presented high-resolution measurements of the isothermal susceptibility of pure 3He near the liquid-gas critical point. PVT measurements were performed in the single-phase region over the reduced temperature range 3x10-5<(T/Tc - 1)<1.5x10-1. The crossover behavior of the electrical susceptibility along the critical isochore was analyzed using a field-theoretical renormalization-group calculation based on the 4 model. A similar crossover analysis was performed on previously obtained Xe susceptibility measurements. Comparison of the rescaled susceptibility for 3He and Xe shows universal crossover behavior.