Ketterle Group Places Three Papers on Cold Atoms

The group at MIT led by Principle Investigator Wolfgang Ketterle has recently published three articles describing new results. . With authors C. Raman, R. Onofrio, J.M. Vogels, J.R. Abo-Shaeer, and W. Ketterle, the paper Dissipationless flow and superfluidity in gaseous Bose-Einstein condensates appeared in the Journal of Low Temperature Physics (J. Low Temp. Phys. 122, 99-116 (2001)). This treatise is a study of the dissipation induced by a stirrer above and below the BEC transition temperature. Also, the paper Does matter wave amplification work for fermions? by W. Ketterle and S. Inouye was published in the April 30 issue of Physical Review Letters discussing the role of quantum statistics and symmetry in the behavior of ultra-cold clouds of atoms. As well, a theoretical paper on optical properties of a condensate and how they reflect the many-body physics of the condensate, written by A. Göerlitz, A.P. Chikkatur, and W. Ketterle, has been published by Physical Review A (Phys. Rev. A 36, 041601(R), 2001).