JPL Scientist Honored by Colleagues

Dr. Lute Maleki of JPL, an Assistant Program Scientist in the Fundamental Physics program, has been honored by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) "for outstanding contributions and scientific leadership in the development of a wide range of atomic clocks and oscillators supporting the U.S. space program." Maleki received the I. I. Rabi award at the IEEE's International Frequency Control Symposium. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to the fields of atomic and molecular frequency standards, and time transfer and dissemination.

Maleki has been at JPL since 1979. He is the technical group supervisor of the Quantum Sciences and Technology Group that is responsible for the development of atomic frequency standards and atomic sensors; cryogenic oscillators; photonic frequency generation and distribution systems; and investigation of the noise and stability properties of radio frequency and optical frequency sources. As Assistant Program Scientist, Maleki leads JPL's programs in Laser Cooled Atomic Physics and in Biological Physics for the Fundamental Physics Program at JPL.