JPL Summer Interns Visit Fundamental Physics Low Temperature Laboratories

A group of college students is participating in a program to provide students with summer jobs at JPL working with the scientists and engineers. The Consortium for University Research Experience (CURE) is operated by California State, Los Angeles with grants from both NASA and the National Science Foundation. Their web site is at The CURE students spend each Friday visiting labs to see what takes place at JPL. The low temperature lab was their choice for the afternoon of August 3.

Each of the following demonstrations to the student group lasted 15-30 minutes:

  • Don Langford demonstrated effects of free fall with the drop tower microgravity simulator;
  • Don Strayer demonstrated some cryogenic phase transitions and explained why an investigator would want to study the phase transition in microgravity;
  • Feng Liu described the role of the JPL project team in getting a flight experiment onto ISS;
  • Inseob Hahn described how an investigator must alter his experiment to conduct it in space, and described the goals of the MISTE flight experiment;
  • Yuanming Liu showed the students his magnetic levitation apparatus and explained its connection to flight experiments;
  • Talso Chui described the ground-based experiment that recently observed the Josephson effect in liquid helium-4 for the first time;
  • Matthew Buckley, also a summer intern student, explained his summer job at JPL to develop temperature sensors for the EXACT experiment