LTMPEF Project and Contractor Team Members Describe Plans for Flight Equipment

Dr. Roger Williamson, Austin Sensors, delivered a paper (AIAA 2100-4937) at the International Space Station Utilization Conference, October 15, 2001, on design and testing of a new type of readout for high precision measurements. This readout will be utilized on the LTMPEF to monitor and control temperatures with germanium resistance thermometers for controlling thermal isolation stages, calibrating the high-resolution thermometers, and for monitoring temperatures throughout the facility. The paper will be published in the conference proceedings and is available on line at

Papers were also presented by several other LTMPE project team members: John Pensinger, Melora Larson, Marty Barmatz, Talso Chui, Arvid Croonquist, Don Langford, and Kirk Barrow from JPL; Rob Duncan and Steve Boyd from the University of New Mexico; an d Steve Volz, Robert Taylor, and Jim Eraker from Ball Aerospace; and E. Manousakis from Florida State University.