New Cryogenic Probe Operates Successfully for DYNAMX Team at Albuquerque

The Critical Dynamics in Microgravity Experiment (DYNAMX) successfully stabilized their fourth prototype apparatus (T4). All SQUIDS, thermometers, heaters, and other components are functioning properly. However, simple future modifications may be required to increase the cell cooling power. This prototype will be used to test two incremental engineering changes (an improved cooling stage and a new superconducting magnet within the vacuum space), and to take flight definition data for the guest experiment CQ. The T4 prototype cryoprobe will also be used in testing software and electronics that is currently under development for the LTMPEF through Design Net, Austin Sensors, and the DX and CQ science groups. Results from this prototype testing will be used in the final flight prototype, T5, which will be identical in design to the DYNAMX Instrument Sensor Package (ISP) flight hardware.