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Significant Events - 2002

Significant Events are divided into 5 categories. You can scroll through the list, or select a category from the list below to go directly to it.

You can also view the Significant Events from 2004, 2003, 2001, or 2000.

General Education and Outreach
On-going Flight Program Future Flight Program
Science Events  

Top of page Education and Outreach

 Date  Title
11/22/02 DYNAMX PI Reports Student Accomplishments
11/01/02 JPL Presents OBPR Posters to Quantum Design

Top of page Future Flight Program

 Date  Title
10/25/02 Flight Project Team Presents Papers at the World Space Congress
10/11/02 Flight Project Teams Undergo Peer Reviews
09/13/02 DYNAMX PI Active at LT-23 Conference in Hiroshima
09/13/02 COEX Investigator and Student Publish Paper on SQUID Electronics
09/13/02 Clock Missions Described in Scientific American Article
07/05/02 Low Temperature Facility Team Briefs ISS Control Board on Flight Releasable Attach Mechanism (FRAM) Needs
07/05/02 LTMPF Team Scavenges Parts from the Previous Low Temperature Flight Facility
06/07/02 DYNAMX/CQ Team Observes Onset of Convection
05/31/02 LTMPF Mock-up Completed for Sizing Electronic Cables
04/19/02 LTMPF Dewar Design Passes Intercenter Review Of Structural Design
04/19/02 BATC Publishes Request for Quotes for Dewar Welding
04/19/02 Electronics Contractor Delivers Flight-like Boards
04/12/02 Transfer of DYNAMX Technology to Small Business
03/29/02 Low Temperature Facility can use Adapter for Attaching to Carrier
02/09/02 LTMPE Electronics Tested at JPL
02/09/02 LTMPE Project Team Shows Off the Hardware
02/02/02 Project Scientist Speaks to Physics Department

Top of page Science Events

 Date  Title
12/13/02 Fundamental Physics Investigator Becomes Fellow of the American Physical Society
12/13/02 BEST Paper to Appear in Physical Review Letters
12/13/02 MIT Graduate Student's Doctoral Thesis Reaches Finals
11/22/02 Ketterle Honored by National Academies of Sciences
11/22/02 Ketterle Group Publishes
11/15/02 Fundamental Physics PIs contribute to Nature Insight Review Articles on Cold Atoms
11/08/02 Fundamental Physics Investigator Addresses Conferences
11/08/02 Proposed Tests Of Relativity On The International Space Station
11/01/02 Ketterle's Nobel Lecture Published
11/01/02 Equivalence Principle Paper Presented at the 2002 World Space Congress
11/01/02 TEPEE Partners Receive Grant from ISA
10/25/02 Fundamental Physics Experiment Resolves Controversy Regarding Helium Surface Tension
10/25/02 Calculations Show Ideal BEC Layer at Liquid Helium Surface
09/27/02 Berkeley Group Gains, Loses Members
09/27/02 Penn State Scientists Make Tiny Micro-capacitors for Measuring the Critical Casimir Force in a Simple, Well-defined Geometry
09/27/02 Undergraduate Research at The College of Wooster Produces 4 More Papers
09/27/02 Penn State Physicists Measure Critical Adsorption of Nitrogen in a Simple Geometry
09/27/02 Berkeley Group Describe New NMR System
09/20/02 Critical Point Research Leads to Publications
09/20/02 Penn State Physicists Measure Critical Adsorption of Nitrogen in a Simple Geometry
09/20/02 Berkeley Group Describe New NMR System
09/13/02 JPL Group Gains Talented Postdoc
09/13/02 JPL Delegation Performs Information Exchange on Fundamental Physics Experiments in Space
07/26/02 Rice Group Discovers Solitons in Laser-Cooled Atoms, Goes to Press
07/12/02 Rice Group Featured in Nature News Article
06/07/02 Press Release Describes Use of ISS for Relativity Tests
05/31/02 Fractions of Atoms?
05/03/02 Fundamental Physics Investigator Wins Award
04/19/02 MIT Group Studies Transfer of Bose-Einstein Condensates with Optical Tweezers
04/12/02 Casimir Effect Found in Many Systems
04/12/02 Vortex Nucleation in a Stirred Bose-Einstein Condensate
03/29/02 Realization of Bose-Einstein Condensates in Lower Dimensions
03/29/02 Duke Group Claims 1st in Laser-cooled Atomic Physics
03/08/02 Ketterle Group Reports Observation of Vortex Phase Singularities in BEC
03/01/02 MIT Group Stirs the BEC
02/15/02 Fundamental Physics Researcher Wins Prize from APS
02/15/02 Wolfgang Ketterle Describes Route to BEC in His Nobel Lecture
01/18/02 "So, Professor Einstein, how might we test this theory of yours?".

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