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Significant Events - 2003

Significant Events are divided into 5 categories. You can scroll through the list, or select a category from the list below to go directly to it.

You can also view the Significant Events from 2004, 2002, 2001, or 2000.

General Education and Outreach
On-going Flight Program Future Flight Program
Science Events  

Top of page Education and Outreach

 Date  Title
11/28/03 JPL Reaches Out to Middle School Students
10/31/03 Tepee Co-Investigator Inspires New Generation of Astronauts
05/23/03 JPL Team Shows the Public Why Experiments Should be Performed in Space
05/14/03 CQ Investigator Publishes Outreach Paper
04/11/03 JPL Team Presents Microgravity Demonstrations to Cherry Blossom Festival
04/11/03 LTMPF Team Member has the World in His Hands

Top of page Future Flight Program

 Date  Title
10/24/03 Demonstration of a Reliable High-power 780 nm Laser for use with the RACE, CLASS, and QuITE Missions
08/30/03 LTMPF Project Preparing for CDR
02/14/03 BEST Team Publishes Results of Measurements on Heat Conduction in Liquid Helium

Top of page Science Events

 Date  Title
12/05/03 The Press Continues to Follow Developments in Degenerate Fermion Research
12/05/03 Walsworth Group Improves the Limit on Violations of Standard Model Extensions
11/28/03 PI at Wisconsin Reports Publication Describing High-Density Trap
11/21/03 Calculations of Universal Properties near Phase Transition Published
11/21/03 Graduations at MIT
11/14/03 Can Precision Gravity Measurements Detect Extra Dimensions?
11/14/03 Wisconsin Group Delineates Novel Ideas for Quantum Sources
11/14/03 TEPEE Group Presents Analysis of Equivalence Principle Instrument
11/07/03 Smithsonian Group Presents Instrument Design
11/07/03 Student Earns Degree in Gravity Instrument Studies
11/07/03 Brown University Group Develops Magnetic Force Technique to Invert the Buoyancy of Gravity-Sensitive Organisms
11/07/03 Set a Record Go Directly to Guinness
10/31/03 Fundamental Physics Degenerate Fermion Research Described in Two More Articles
10/24/03 Physics Today Article Features Fundamental Physics Research
10/24/03 PI Team Publishes Landmark Paper
10/24/03 Media Responds to Fundamental Physics Press Release
10/10/03 Magazine Article Features Fundamental Physics Research
09/19/03 MIT Group Creates Gas at Coldest Temperature Ever Recorded
08/30/03 Cesium Atom in an Electric Field
08/08/03 Biological Physics at Cornell: What are the Forces Acting on Nucleic Acids?
08/08/03 More from Ketterle's group at MIT
07/25/03 Laurels Continue to Flow to Ketterle
07/18/03 Conference on Quantum Systems Hosted by Fundamental Physics PI
07/04/03 Invited Talk Presented to Thermophysical Measurements Conference
06/27/03 Hulet Elected Fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
06/20/03 Countdown of 10 Most-cited Articles in Physical Review Letters
05/02/03 DYNAMX and CQ Teams Find Novel Heat Conduction Modes
05/02/03 International Conference to Feature a Space Clock Workshop
04/25/03 Fundamental Physics Workshop Challenges Attendees
04/25/03 Fundamental Physics Investigator elected to be a Fellow of the American Physical Society
04/18/03 2003 NASA/JPL Workshop on Fundamental Physics in Space
04/11/03 Rice Group Publishes Theory Paper on Matter Wave Solitons
02/14/03 JPL Group Publishes Ideas on Observing Josephson Effects Near the Lambda Transition
01/10/03 Fundamental Physics Investigator Talks About Time
01/10/03 Ketterle Group at MIT Publishes Research Results

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