Conference on Quantum Systems Hosted by Fundamental Physics PI

On August 3-8, the University of New Mexico will be the site of the 2003 Quantum Fluids and Solids Conference with Rob Duncan acting as the symposium chairman. QFS 2003 is an international symposium with the traditional central topics of liquid and solid 4He, 3He, and H2, and 4He and 3He mixtures. The broad scientific emphasis will be on recent major scientific advances in any system that exhibits long-range quantum order, and on phase coherent matter wave effects. A session on quantum correlated / Bose Condensed atoms in optical traps will be included. Novel collective quantum effects will be featured at this conference. FP investigators David Goodstein (Caltech) and Stephen Boyd (UNM) also have roles as the program chair and the publications chair, respectively. Many of the researchers in the FP program are expected to participate in this conference, for which JPL is a sponsor. More information can be found at