Graduations at MIT

Three students celebrated their completion of their Ph.D. theses and graduated from PI Wolfgang Ketterle's group in 2003. Their thesis titles are as follows:

Subhadeep Gupta"Experiments with Degenerate Bose and Fermi Gases"
Zoran Hadzibabic"Studies of a quantum degenerate fermionic lithium gas"
Aaron E. Leanhardt"Microtraps and Waveguides for Bose-Einstein Condensates"

Two of these students contributed to the recent paper "Fifty-fold improvement in the number of quantum degenerate fermionic atoms" by Z. Hadzibabic, S. Gupta, C.A. Stan, C.H. Schunck, M.W. Zwierlein, K. Dieckmann, and W. Ketterle, that was published in Physical Review Letters (Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 160401 (2003)). Applying sympathetic cooling by the Bose gas 23Na, these authors report obtaining 7 X 107 quantum degenerate Fermi atoms in a magnetic trap. This substantial gain in the number of degenerate Fermi atoms available to be studied promises to advance investigations of these atoms more expeditiously.