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Significant Events - 2004

Significant Events are divided into 5 categories. You can scroll through the list, or select a category from the list below to go directly to it.

You can also view the Significant Events from 2003, 2002, 2001, or 2000.

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Science Events  

Top of page General
 Date  Title
04/30/04 Fundamental Physics Workshop discusses how physics can help NASA explore the planets

Top of page Education and Outreach

 Date  Title
04/30/04 Press release notes evidence for superfluidity in Thomas group's paper

Top of page Science Events

 Date  Title
08/20/04 Ketterle Group Presents Invited Talks on Molecular BEC
04/30/04 Ketterle group presents two papers on properties of ultra-cold gases
04/16/04 Ketterle presents plenary talk at the American Physical Society March meeting
03/12/04 Yet another press description of degenerate fermions
03/05/04 Oft-cited Papers Lead to Interview of Investigator Randy Hulet
01/23/04 Fundamental Physics PI Describes Research at Lambda Transition
01/09/04 Ketterle Group Reports Bose Einstein Condensation of Lithium Molecules

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