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Adventures in Science
Microgravity Matters
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Microgravity Matters: Floating Our Experiments in Space
Why do we conduct research in space? What experiments will we do there?


Gallery and Games: Our Contributions and Your Creativity
What kind of games can I play? What images can I access?

Gallery and Games

Outreach Activities:
Fun with Physics To meet NASA's charter objective of communicating the goals and results of scientific investigations to the citizens of the U.S., the fundamental physics team at JPL takes an active role in outreach activities. Members of the team prepare demonstrations of materials at low temperature for display at schools, fairs, and at other public forums. During the annual JPL Open House, visitors are shown displays describing the flight experiments and demonstrations of weightless behavior. As well, investigators in the fundamental physics program are encouraged to speak to schools and other organizations, and to employ radio and television to inform the public about the experiments they intend to perform in space.

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