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The Story of Our Search
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The Story of our Search
Fundamental Physics
Sensational Symmetry
Big Bang and Beyond
It's About Time
Quantum Questions
Adventures in Science
Technical Details

NASA's Fundamental Physics in Space Program seeks to understand how simple laws and organizing principles of nature affect matter, space, and time. Our quest is to understand why the Universe developed into what we observe today--in short, why things are the way they are. In that pursuit, we'll be looking for connections at all levels--from subatomic particles all the way up to great galaxies--hoping to build a comprehensive picture of our world.

What is Fundamental Physics?

Gods playing chess? Quote text

When we talk about the "Story of Our Search," however, we aren't just speaking of ourselves as NASA scientists and engineers. The Story of OURSearch is a human quest, one that will lead us toward uncovering fundamental cosmic mysteries and the wonder they hold for all human beings. Following are the Chapters of that story.

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