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Gravitational Relativistic Physics (GRP)

Gravitational and Relativistic Physics

A two-dimensional representation of the structure of space-time in the region of a binary star system. Gravitational and Relativistic Physics (GRP) is at the very heart of understanding nature. Gravitational interaction not only shapes the structure of planets, stars, galaxies, and exotic objects such as neutron stars and black holes, it also guides the dynamical evolution of the universe and affects the rate of time.

NASA experiments in this discipline will explore the change of clock rates, planet orbits, and motion of space due to gravity.

    PAST: Gravity Probe A Seperator Dot Viking Seperator Dot Lunar Laser Ranging Seperator Dot LAGEOS I & II
PRESENT: Ongoing Research
    FUTURE: Gravity Probe B Seperator Dot AMS Seperator Dot STEP Seperator Dot LISA Seperator Dot SUMO

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