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Significant Events - 2000

Significant Events are divided into 5 categories. You can scroll through the list, or select a category from the list below to go directly to it.

You can also view the Significant Events from 2004, 2003, 2002 or 2001.

General Education and Outreach
On-going Future Flight Program
Science Events  

Top of page General
 Date  Title
12/08/00 New Center for Ultracold Atoms Established at PI Institute.
12/01/00 Nobel Laureate Visits JPL.
11/17/00 Fundamental Physics Data Form Illustration for Book Cover.
05/19/00 Israelsson Receives NASA Award at JPL Ceremony.
05/19/00 Jacobs Receives Award from American Physical Society at April Meeting.

Top of page Education and Outreach

 Date  Title
12/08/00 JPL LTMPF Engineer Enjoys Outreach.
11/03/00 DYNAMX Investigator Stars on TV.
10/06/00 DYNAMX Investigator Returns to the Air Waves.
09/01/00 STEP PI Explains "Why perform these experiments in Space?" to Public Forum at COSPAR.
08/18/00 Lt. Col. Raymond Nelson Obtains Exciting Data on DYNAMX Research in Thesis Work.
07/07/00 Fundamental Physics PI Chairs Undergraduate Research Conference.
07/07/00 Fundamental Physics PI Explains Bose-Einstein Condensation.
06/23/00 Fundamental Physics Workshop Draws 85 to Solvang.
06/09/00 JPL Fundamental Physics Team Tells Microgravity Research Story at Open House.
05/26/00 Fundamental Physics Team at JPL Prepares for Open House.
02/11/00 Project Team Members Enjoy Physics Fun Day.
02/04/00 Mass Media Notes Selection of DYNAMX for Flight.

Top of page On-going

 Date  Title
01/21/00 JPL Facility Team to Hold Review.
01/21/00 Experiments for Second Flight of LTMPF to be Reviewed.

Top of page Future Flight Program

 Date  Title
12/01/00 Low Temperature Facility Faces Review.
11/10/00 Aerogel Passes Shake Test for STEP.
11/03/00 DYNAMX Team Operates Cryogenic Probe.
10/06/00 STEP Project Meets in Scotland.
08/11/00 Fundamental Physics Investigator Takes to Air Waves.
08/04/00 New Material for Magnetic Bolometry: PdMn Thin Film Fabricated and Tested by DYNAMX Team.
07/28/00 MISTE Team Aids LabVIEW Software Test on Flight-Like Hardware at JPL.
07/14/00 Miste PI Describes Crossover Behavior of the Heat Capacity and Susceptibility near the 3He Critical Point.
07/14/00 DYNAMX Team Active at QFS Meeting.
06/02/00 STEP Team Produces Large Aerogel Samples for Tests.
04/28/00 Stanford University Reports Manufacture of Model Superconducting Magnetic Bearing.
04/07/00 Project Scientist Describes Space Station as Research Platform.
03/31/00 Paper Describes Simulations Benefiting the Flight Experiment DYNAMX.
03/24/00 Stanford Team to Participate in ESA Study of Clock Missions.
03/24/00 DYNAMX Team Develops Tiny Valve.
03/17/00 International Effort Develops New Atom Cooling Method for Space Clocks.
03/10/00 LTMPF Flight Project Protoflight Probe Delivered to JPL.
03/10/00 Cold Shake Dewar Extends Shake Test Capability to Low Temperatures.
02/18/00 Low Temperature Microgravity Physics Facility Experiments Chosen.
01/28/00 JPL Facility Team Reviews Cost Estimates.

Top of page Science Events

 Date  Title
12/08/00 MIT Student Wins Prize at Optical Society Meeting.
12/01/00 NASA Announces Research Grants In Fundamental Physics.
11/03/00 Fundamental Physics Investigators Establish Aspen Workshop on Quantum Gases.
10/20/00 Invited Talks Describe Quantum Gases.
09/08/00 Ketterle Group Members Present More Invited Talks.
09/01/00 Article Describes Motions of Impurities in Bose-Einstein Condensate.
08/25/00 PRL Article Demonstrates Potential for Ultra-Stable Laser-Cooled Clocks.
08/04/00 Ketterle Group Presents Papers at QFS 2000.
07/28/00 Laser Cooling Group Presents Seven Papers at DAMOP Meeting.
07/21/00 MIT Students Awarded Prizes.
07/21/00 Rice University Laser-Cooling Group Contributes to DAMOP Meeting.
07/14/00 Fundamental Physics Investigator Talks at French Meetings.
07/07/00 Fundamental Physics PI Joins New Faculty at the University of New Mexico.
07/07/00 Duke University PI Describes Crossover from Classical to Asymptotic Behavior near a Critical Point.
06/23/00 Fundamental Physics PI Chairs Session at Computational Research on Materials Meeting.
05/26/00 Fundamental Physics Program Featured in Magazine Article.
05/19/00 Invited Talk Presented to Physical Society Meeting.
05/19/00 Several Talks Presented to Quantum Electronics and Laser Science Conference by MIT Group.
05/12/00 CheX Flight Results to Appear in Physical Review Letters.
05/05/00 Prof. John Reppy to Receive NASA Medal.
05/05/00 Prof. Moses Chan Inducted into National Academy of Sciences.
05/05/00 Berkeley Paper to Appear in Physical Review Letters.
04/21/00 University of Washington Reports Development of Compact Tunable Clock Laser.
03/31/00 Fundamental Physics Investigator Presents Talk at Swiss Meeting.
03/24/00 Fundamental Physics Investigator Presents Invited Talk at Physical Society Meeting.
03/17/00 PARCS Mission Presented at Swarthmore Colloquium.
03/10/00 Molecular Bose-Einstein Condensate Created in Austin.
03/03/00 Paper Describes Approach to the Critical Point.
03/03/00 International Flavor of Laser Cooling Continues.
02/25/00 Franklin Institute Recognizes Outstanding Contributions by Ketterle to BEC Confirmation.
02/25/00 Ketterle Group Publishes Paper Describing Excitations of BEC.
01/28/00 Investigator Describes Superfluid Gyroscopes.
01/21/00 Paper Describes Helium near the Transition to Superfluidity.
01/21/00 Ketterle Contributes to School on Bose-Einstein Condensation.
01/21/00 JPL Group Observes Josephson Effects in Liquid Helium.
01/14/00 Fundamental Physics Investigator Prepares Feature Article for Physics Today.
01/14/00 Ketterle Receives Prestigious Prize.

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