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Technical Details
Gravitational Relativistic Physics (GRP)

Bose-Einstein condenstation state

Fundamental physics is the study of the basic laws that govern the properties of the physical world on all scales, from microscopic to cosmic. The primary focus of the discipline is on acquiring new knowledge about our world and our universe. The microgravity environment improves fundamental physics research because investigations can yield entirely new or substantially improved results when the obscuring effects of Earth's gravity are not present.

Fundamental Physics is one of five science disciplines under the Microgravity Research Program of NASA's Office of Biological and Physical Research. (The other four science disciplines are: biotechnology, combustion science, fluid physics, and materials science.) The program sponsors researchers from academia, industry, and government agencies who require microgravity environments for investigations in physics that are difficult or impossible to study on Earth because phenomena and processes are masked by Earth's gravity. Research proposals in fundamental physics and the other microgravity disciplines are solicited through NASA Research Announcements.


Fundamental Physics Experiments can be organized in four "campaigns" that define sets of focused investigations.
These are:


The library is where we store files we think you might like to see. It includes important Documents, our week-to-week announcements of progress or events (Significant Events), links to some papers that have resulted from our research activities (Results), and lists of personnel working in our program (PIs and personnel).


What's New in Fundamental Physics? Here's the latest, including recent press releases.

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